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John’s Pizza On Bleecker Street Not Your Typical NYC Pizza


John’s Pizza on Bleecker – NYC’s Best Pizza?

Looking for some of the best pizza in New York City?

Normally, these kind of questions are reserved for tourists, but since I’m a transplant to NYC. I have a very unique perspective on this issue.

Whether you’re a tourist or a city native, people are always looking for the newest and best food in the city. Unfortunately, people tend to overlook things that are sitting right in front of them.

Yes, John’s Pizza on Bleecker Street is a tourist hot spot. But, there’s a reason that there are often times you’re stuck waiting for a table.

By the end of this post, I felt confident that you’re going to seek out and visit John’s as soon as possible.

About John’s on Bleecker

Johns was opened in 1920 by an Italian immigrant named John Sasso.  The history goes something like the parlor was sold in the 1950s or 60s to a couple of brothers, but that’s for another time.johnspizzamaking

Often people remark that they love the huge thin crust pies because their coal fired.  Years ago, coal fired pizzas were  common. For some reason,  they fell out of the norm, and now new pizza joints are being opened across the country claiming to be coal fired Pizza’s.


So, How About The Pizza?

Let’s start at the number one reason that you need to go to John’s Pizza on Bleecker. The crust is always super tasty with the right amount of crispness. In my opinion, it reminds me of Pizza somewhere to what you might find in Northern Italy. Slightly salty. Delicious.

And you cannot argue with the results of their pizza. Perfectly balanced, the crust has the firmness yet softness in perfect balance.johnspizza

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of their sauce, but it does have a nice little bit of saltiness and tanginess. That’s usually the best kind sauce to go with the mozzarella pizza specifically because mozzarella can be both bland and flat. So this is little combination really helps pick up the pizza.

You can also choose whatever toppings that you would really like. Which means that you really can’t go wrong.  You’re always going find something that you can eat and enjoy.


Ambience – Old School

If you’ve ever been inside of the 1960s basement, you’ll be right at home. It’s some serious old school design that looks like it hasn’t changed in 50 years. I’ll either be placed in wooden boots, Or in the centers tables with an awesome Formica table. Do they even make those anymore?

Either way, the no-frills, straightforward aesthetics, let you know that you’re there to do one thing only: Eat great pizza.

Bonus: What You Need to Know

The last time I was at John’s, brought a friend who want to do really try a calzone. He said that it was excellent and it was the sausage and green pepper calzone. He loved that the fresh ricotta inside was really creamy, similar to a pasta dish.

John’s is cash only so, keep that in mind. But if you and a pinch for cash there’s an ATM in the back of the restaurant. Maybe they’ll change that someday.

Since Johns is located in the West Village, it’s a fantastic location forgetting out and being around Washington Square. Or even just exploring the neighborhood. What better reason do you need to explore and convenient location?

Washington Square NYC

A couple of things I’d recommend for drinking is a picture of the Brooklyn Lager or even some goose Island beer. For those that don’t drink I’d recommend the cream soda, it’s fantastic.

For those that are looking to use John’s as a place to work, there is no Wi-Fi. A power socket will be rarely found. And I can’t really remember whether they have air conditioning. So, Starbucks this is not.

I’ve seen John’s be very busy, and sometimes not so much. So, don’t be surprised if you have to wait a little bit to get in. I always try to come before lunch. You’ve been warned.

Is John’s Pizza on Bleecker the Best Pizza? It may be, but it’s really damn good.

Let me know what you think.